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Jerusalem was evacuated; its whole population went along the death-road leading to that dreadful Golgotha. Mishap followed us continuously, for in all places were Christians. Ante-Nicene Fathers. The details of this terribly unjust act increased the suffering and tortures which lled my heart. But we know itll be worth your while. They said that we profaned their holy land which God had promised them as their own. I followed Him, without His knowing. I was very homesick for youfor the quiet residence of my parents, the happy haven of Nabron, the beautiful statues the soft groves of my birth- place. The only time the New Testament refers to Pontius Pilates wife, Claudia Procula, is found in Matthew 27:19. The soldiers jeered at Him, called Him king of the Jews. The second reason was the dissatisfaction they bore in their hearts because I decreed that a part of the treasure belonging to the temple should be used for the creation of public works. Pontius at once left the court hall and came to me. What a dream, or better, what a revelation! According to some historical documents, it has been assumed that Pontius Pilate, like Judas, ignoring the forgiving mercy of God, committed suicide. I replied that in my opinion Jesus was a great philosopher, such as great nations often produce. The dwelling of the Righteous is to be found there, He said, and pointed with the finger to the heaven. Give a Gift SubscriptionBless friends, family or clergy with a gift of the Register. He nished his speech, which lasted for four hours, by admonishing the judges to conrm the sentence issued so long ago, as this was their duty and in accordance with the sound principles of justice. She says that they were some of the prophets and priests. When I came to their house, my servants could only with great difficulty force a way for me through the throng, for many mourners and a large crowd had gathered before my friends home. Tradition states that her name was Claudia Procula. Upon my knees I called Him many times; against my will I pleaded with this God in the humility and tranquillity of my soul and heart, and Him to Whom I committed my destiny and my welfare as a slave submits to his master, and oh, wonder! So he introduced Caesars effigies, which were upon the ensigns, and brought them into the city; whereas our law forbids us the very making of images; on which account the former procurators were wont to make their entry into the city with such ensigns as had not those ornaments. Pilate was afraid that his authority and the Roman power, which he so stronglv defended, might, be compromised by this menace. The Telegraph newspaper commented upon it as follows: Jerusalem, 25th July. To become better acquainted with this case we give the following short report on Revision of the Juridical Process of Christ.. Salome stood by her side, benumbed and almost without any feeling. The contents of the report of Pilates wife deserve greatest attention, because, as his wife, she was in constant contact with Pilate, the chief judge of Jesus. Of what do you accuse Him? We are indebted and grateful to a certain Christian named W D Machan who, after the existence of these documents had come to his knowledge, directed his attention to them and prepared a translation of some from Latin into English. I had not the courage to raise my eyes to him and to look in his.- The sound of his words, his voice, with which he had pronounced his judgment, pierced and wounded my heart. She had the gift of second sight. Claudia seeks out the Nazarenes, followers of the Risen Christ, in Rome, and hears them proclaim the Creed during their worship. Once I ordered a large dinner- party to be prepared, to which I invited the Tetrarch of Galilee, together with the High Priest and his subordinate officials. . Pontius asked again: And what shall I do with Jesus of Nazareth ? How empty and unimportant then, was Dr. B1andeislers objection that Christs religion was at that time unknown, although his disciples accepted His higher wisdom. O Pilate, great mishap is awaiting you, unless you listen to your wife. From the High Priests : Ruan, Jodus, and Bukasalis. Now at the feast the governor was accustomed to release for the people any one prisoner whom they wanted. Chris Bolinger explains, She would have known the intimate details because he [Pilate] told her after the dreadful day where he sent an innocent man to his death. The great Doctor of the Church reminds us that, in times when God has so many enemies and so few friends, we must strive to become holier and ensure that these few friends be good ones., Because of his cooking reputation, Father Richard James has participated and won awards in several Cooks with Collars events over the past three years. For decades, the daughter of the last Oracle at Delphi has suppressed the secrets of her birth, extensive We do not know where Pontius Pilate was born. It is only natural and absolutely advisable that the judges of to- day should read the Holy Books, i.e., the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments. In the seventeenth year of the government of the invincible monarch, the Caesar and Roman Emperor Tiberius, 201 years after the Olympiads; in the beginning of the five thousandth year after the creation, in the 4147. nd the statement, uttered with utmost discretion, that Pilate gave sentence that it should be as they required. Luke, 23, 24. I exclaimed, highly indignant. The nger of death had left its traces round her eyes and her concealed lips. Flavius Josephus. While in exile, so the story goes, Julia gave birth to Claudia and died a short time later. But we cannot be sure it is true since scripture speaks truth but we cannot be confident about other sources of antiquity. The emissaries who preach Jesus doctrines have inserted in the comments on their faith also the words: He was cruci. He said his religion forbade him and his subordinate to sit at ones and the same table with Roman and to feast with them (to participate in drinking orgies). And as to His teachings, they have in no case been dangerous, and represent no heresy whatsoever; so Rome was inclined to concede Him every freedom and, by His deeds. Forgive me, Fulvial Bewail me and pray for me! Beside these three parties, I had also to struggle against the troubled population, which was always ready to make common cause in these rebellions, and to exploit such implications as arise similar misunderstanding., Under these circumstances Jesus was brought before the High Priest and sentenced to death. Your eyes are not made to watch such a frightful spectacle. Pontius saw in this custom a way to liberate Jesus and, in a loud voice, asked the crowd; Whom do you want me to release on this holiday, Barabbas or Jesus, called Christ ? A non-profit, 501(c)3 corporation. WebClaudia Prcula es, segn la tradicin, la esposa del prefecto romano Poncio Pilato, no citada por su nombre en el Nuevo Testamento, pero tradiciones alternativas cristianas le 2. While Jesus is hanging on the cross, at about the ninth hour, Sayers includes a scene in which Pilate asks Claudia to describe the dream that troubled her so. The cheerful bonds of family life had long ceased to exist between usin my person he always saw a live witness who reminded him of his crime. It seems like a bad omen to both of them, that Pilates name is so connected with this one judgment, remembered through the ages (in King of Sorrows). He masters perfectly every science, without having studied even one of them. So, by virtue of which Roman law did he order the innocent prisoner to be scourged and crucied? Dark clouds descended and covered the wing of the Temple and, stretching over the town, covered it like a shroud. But why do they hate Him so strongly? Since the fifth century, however, she has been known as Claudia Procula. There they have crowned him with a wreath of thorns. The Nazarene replied quietly: O prince of this world, your words do not come from real wisdom. In Connection with Him, O Emperor, there have been rumours every day of miracles performed by the said Jesus Christ. The defence continued the strong plea and asked the judges of the present court not to be selsh, and not to victimise real righteousness for political reasons. He also had some difficulties due to a complaint sent to him by Mary Magdalene with respect to his unjust measures. After so much uproar the town became suddenly calm, as if in thought, and a deadly silence pervaded it, as if death had covered it with its dark wings. The indomitable desire to conquer, that is to say, to enlarge the empire more than our means for protection permits, inspires fear that it may become the cause of the destruction of our beneficent government. My husband spent his few spare moments with me. So Judas, Pilate, and with especially severity Jerusalem, have all received their punishment. In the foremost row I recognised Semidas father; but instead of the depression I expected him to wear on his face, he showed a de. The captain of the ship tells her that Great Pan is dead. She asks the captain, How can God die? and he replies, Dont you remember? Go in peace. It is only natural and absolutely advisable that the judges of to- day should read the Holy Books, i.e., the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments. This spiritual blindness led them to their terrible crime, exacting the sentence and murder of Christ, who was the incarnation of right and truth. Order Bulk SubscriptionsGet a discount on 6 or more copies sent to your parish, organization . Deliver Him to us I Crucify Him l sounded the furious voices of the people. You pay the tithe with mint and cinnamon, but you are not interested in abiding by the laws, in faithful righteousness and mercy. The meaning of these words is deep and true. Fear the Forces of heaven.. Subscriber Service CenterAlready a subscriber? but he passed by, saying, He whom we killed was really the Son of God. He was led to us, and throwing himself at the feet of my husband, he said with tears in his eyes: I am Joseph of Arimathea, and I come to ask your permission to take Jesus body from the cross and to bury Him in my burial ground. in Theology from the Augustine Institute and a B.A. However, the Emperor understood from Pilates report that the action of the latter was not right, and for this reason, together with other complaints against him, Pilate was displaced and imprisoned. You must show more restraint in your preaching. We may, therefore, certainty, infer that the twenty-four old men seen by St, John in his visions described in Revelation 4, 4-5, 8-9, are some of those who came to life when our Lord Jesus Christ arose. Everywhere it is said, until now, such a man has never been seen in these places. When I entered he raised his Head and exclaimed in desperation: O Claudia, why did I not follow your advice? If you wish to save yourself and all who are dear to you, than meditate in your prayers upon Golgotha and look with, rm faith to Him who suffered for you and all others that they might be saved. 3. What a spectacle, Fulvia ! WebIt is commonly believed she became a Christian after Jesus death, as mentioned. Deliver Him to us, so that He may die on the cross! A feeling of pity and profound sadness grieved my heart. If the above statements are true about her, she was one who feared God. In one point only Pilates report to the Emperor is deficient, namely, the text of Jesus death sentence. It seemed to me that even the heavens shared my sorrow, and that they suite-red as my own heart did. When you are able to appreciate the Holy Scriptures and Gods Law, than you can follow them as they direct you. Pilate, as we know, did not heed the warning of his wife. With one gesture He separated the righteous from the wicked. Tradition adds that Pilate died in Vienne, France on the Rhone or on Mount Pilatus, Switzerland. By such roads as are not easily described, we journeyed with our personnel, engaged as servants. The name Pilate will forever be remembered in connection with the suffering, crucifixion, and death of the Son of God. Are you Christ, The Son of God? Many Jews believe Him to be God, others denounce Him as acting against Your Majestys laws. This radiance arouses fear, but as soon as He starts teaching and advising, He does it with so much sorrow that He evokes love and veneration among His listeners. But in this time he was overwhelmed, wearied by witnessing sufferings, and repentant. Take care and do not raise your profane hand against Him. 1999, p. 14. It was indeed He whom I was very impatient to see. As it has been announced before, the debate on Christs trial and the revision of his death sentence has now been opened. There are these words: At His coming the lame shall leap as an hart, and the tongue of the stammerer shall be clear speaking: the blind shall see, and the lepers shall be cleansed; and the dead shall rise, and walk about. And that He did those things, you can learn from the Acts of Pontius Pilate. I have never heard such a noise in the Circus, nor have the rows in the Forum ever given me such an impression. Cyclopedia of Biblical Theological, and Ecclesiastical Literature. According to what history shows us, the ruling religion has not always had pure truth as a foundation, and in all times it was subject to errors. At dinner I told Pontius what I had seen and heard. At the actual meeting the bench consisted only of celebrities of the Jewish race who, from the outset, had promised and declared that they would hear the case according to its merits and with complete justice, and correct any mistake made in the judgment of olden times. The first. In the seventeenth year of the government of the invincible monarch, the Caesar and Roman Emperor Tiberius, 201 years after the Olympiads; in the beginning of the five thousandth year after the creation, in the 4147th year according to the Hebrew calendar, and 4037th year, according to the English reckoning, and 784 years since the foundation of Rome, 580 years since the liberation from Egyptian slavery: At the time of the great men of the Roman nation : Lucius, Suetonius, and Marcellinus, and the administrator Hilaretes Palister, at the time of the Governor-General over Judea, Comus Flavius, and at the time of the Governor of Jerusalem, the mighty and great prince Pontius Pilatus, and at the time of the procurator over Galilee, Herodes Anitpater, and at the time of the great Archpriests Ananias and Caiaphas, Aliasus and Mailus, the elder of the Temple Raban, and Amabelus, at the times of great judges in the town town of Jesruslem: Simbinakasas, Pompilius, Rufus, and the municipal commander Joctenus : I, Pontius Pilatus, procurator of the Roman Emperor, in the hall of the great princes, do pronounce and confirm the sentence of death on the cross to be inflicted on the man called by the people Jesus Christ, the Nazarene, a rebel against Moses Laws and against His Majesty the Roman Emperor Tiberius.

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