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But of course, future trail locations and government liberals who create them kill people. About two years earlier, a cyclist was struck and killed by a car while exiting the same section of trail. Nice things. Zahra wouldnt walk that trail without an FPD escort. Youre surrounded by zealots who want their moneys worth from their very expensive and very incompetent city government. According to multiple sources, a 33-year old man was killed riding his bike in Fullerton Monday evening.. Hike is great but a little tougher for beginners! In the scheme of things your disagreements with this blog are a whole lot of nothing yet you let it consume you. It seems like you are talking out of your ass. That just proves you will complain no matter what is done. It doesnt matter if the tracks are abandoned or there is a nice paved trail. It was then that Pumphrey was struck by the car. Correa wasnt the first cyclist to die at that section of trail. Frankly Im tired of reading the back and forth. I use our trails created long ago. And thats the patronizing way of all liberals pretending to speak for minorities and the disadvantaged, yadda, yadda. Apr 27, 2023, 7:00am PDT. Correa had been mentored by Anaheim firefighter James McDuffie, was involved with the Reserve Officers Training Corps, or ROTC, and planned to join the Marines, according to community activist Joanne Sosa. Please get outside, visit our existing linear parks and see how heavily they are used instead of just spreading bullshit you invented while peeking through your blinds. If its because homeless took it over, clear them out like we would in any other park. Unfortunately, thats all the information we have at this time. But theres a DG path and, gosh darn it, an honest to goodness plastic horse trail rail! The challenge with many of Fullertons trails, Felz explained, is that they were originally along railway tracks and werent initially designed to be trails. Were just heartbroken about this accident as frequent bike riders we have been aware of the dangers coming up to that intersection, said Gorrell, a Katella High School teacher who joined Correas family and supporters in speaking to Fullerton City Council members early last month. According to witnesses, as the group of riders headed westbound on Valley View to Bastanchury, they turned right and hugged the right curb as cars were coming their same direction, northbound. Abusing a horrible incident like this is no way to make a irrational case against some new trail public trails and landscaping is just silly. Please crawl back into your hole and stay there. Didnt say you were. Fullerton Loop Hike Location Look for the Allen Bill trailhead on Highway 66, 13.4 km past the four way intersection in Bragg Creek. I was over walking by the Independence Park several weeks ago, and with the skate park it has turned into a graffitid shithole with some gangbangers hanging around. Singletracks Merch | Including using rights of way to get between . Only it wont be nice and it wont be used.. The man's death is a perfect metaphor for the dismal Poison Park disaster and the 20-years long do-nothing approach to the right of way - purchases that never should have been made by your precious incompetents in City Hall. The trail surface is paved asphalt, concrete, or a natural surface (dirt, roots, rocks). Yes. Naturally all the patronizing lefties want to describe the idea of a linear park as just the ticket to revitalize the industrial uses on either side; something nice for south Fullerton. Initial reports indicated he had been critically injured; however, according to the Orange County Register, he passed away at 3:45 pm after being taken to UCI Medical Center . Do you think a nice inviting landscaped trail would attract visitors as our other trails do? Decent work out for someone that is barely starting to mountain bike. But really its not my fault that I am the way we are. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. A 20-year-old man was stabbed to death on a pedestrian bridge crossing over Harbor Boulevard in Fullerton early Monday morning, Aug. 30, police said. Never did. The park got depressed because it was unwanted, then weeds and a fence sprouted? Easy trail I ride it several times a week. The trail includes a paved bike trail from Fullerton Transportation Center to independence park. Have some pride. And, yeah, I snicker at some of the posts because I like a good sarcastic retort and I dont take everything seriously. Abusing a persons murder for politics is deplorable. Instead of just spending time screaming insults through your keyboard, you could just convey information. Little rain might help out. 3rd Death on Fullerton Loop. I think Paulette Marshall Chaffee has been known to steal things from that location. So typical of FUD campaigns. if only there were a trail, this never would have happened.. It was definitely a begginer trail. You made that up. If I want City hall bureaucrat propaganda I can read their newsletter. She became a reporter for the Southern California News Group in 2018. We need to protect the kids and know that safety is important. Print/PDF map. Were it not for your posts, I doubt that there would have been more than 20 replies in this thread. Marty Schrank, a long time Fullerton resident and member of the Los Amigos of Orange County community group, said shes seen many families seek support after cycling-related accidents and deaths. Youre welcome to start your own Fullerton blog with your own viewpoint if you like. My thoughts and prayers to the families of all affected by this horrible tragedy. That will take $2,000,000 and lots of our valuable park employees time to give them something nice. Only it wont be nice and it wont be used. It seems like you are talking out of your ass. I ride this section a least 5 times a week and besides the intersection of Bastachury and State College, this segment of the loop is pretty dicey. The video was purposely blurred at the request of FPD. I have a strong belief in reasonable government. Fullerton Loop. I gave similar advice *once*, not multiple occasions, and it is genuine. Fullerton Loop is also an official Kananaskis Country trail, so it's maintained and is nice and wide and reasonably well drained (so few mucky parts). A life lost is a life lost, said Schrank. The idea of someone riding a bicycle between the train station and independence park is not a crazy concept. Maybe the city should have a sign to direct the Loop riders in that direction but many still wont take it. Then come back with your blather about how a linear park is just the ticket.. I worded that exactly the way I meant it. I'm not super fast but it takes me a little over an hour to complete one loop. Doh! Im in favor of providing housing for the clearly and undisputedly disabled homeless, both due to physical and mental problems, but also in favor of forced medication of the seriously mentally ill. Someone was killed. The cars passed and the group merged across northbound traffic to the left turn lane which would put them westbound on Lancer Way. What does that mean? At least try to pull back your intellectual prepuce every now and then. It goes from nowhere to nowhere. The vast majority of homeless would not benefit from housing as they dont like and wont comply with rules and like alcohol and drugs too much. Comment on the Loop Extension section to the east of the established. The guy gives you some good life advice, and you take a big fat shit on his head. All of them are van-accessible with striped access aisles. The death of a 19 year-old on a dangerous section of a Fullerton bike trail has led to safety upgrades to the trail and calls for a broader conversation about the need for bike safety improvements in North Orange County. Good times, cant beat sunny weather around 80 in December :). Your panty lines are showing cause your outrage is about as fake as Bishop Sycamore. This is an urban loop that goes through the city of Fullerton, CA. But like all boohoos you place the importance on the gesture, not the result. Really. The history of this sort of thing in Fullerton goes back 40 years. But you must listen to us anyhow because I am always right specially when I get mad (not crazy mad) and hammer out all caps. Widgets, Explore Have to ride along the busy street. While most of the main trails are wide, multi-use doubletrack, there is a ton of singletrack options off to the side, many of which are well-defined and are even marked. It's no destination trail, but it was a nice, easy ride that my legs appreciated as a change of pace from the grueling climbs that I've been putting them through! The degrees of distinction between your sense of self importance and his are pretty goddamn few. Well, I actually use the trails so my opinion outranks just about everyone who has commented so far. https://www.patreon.com/OutsiderMTBThis week we check back. Then a narrow sidewalk takes over and doe a 90 degree turn. Your email address will not be published. It makes it impossible for the public to use our trails as we intend them to be used. I did not vote for Trump and think that he was/is a danger to our democracy. The loop is a very easy and a very fun trail tha. Trail goers using wheelchairs/mobility equipment or strollers may need assistance in the steeper sections or to avoid them for safety. Shame on me for making a second useless attempt to help you. No man, you just self-identify as reasonable. Go ahead and post your opinion/point/logic/facts/speculation one time and dont feel so obligated to rebut every single post which disagrees with you. Mostly flat trail next to the lake and behind residents house a lot of shade good for family. Call it what you want but it is a fun ride. The definition of nice. For liberals nice means a gesture, often patronizing, and the more expensive, the better. UP Park was a $2,000,000 addition to our infrastructure 20 years ago. As usual a false choice. Look at what happened next to Anaheim Stadium a couple of years ago, right next to nice paved bike trails.. The trails cleaned up, really nice right now. They take themselves so seriously in their humorless fashion that they just end up looking more foolish. And its been a fenced off weed field 15. No one outside City hall wanted a park there. Company FIND YOUR WAY OUTSIDE is a trademark of AllTrails, LLC. Have you read the articles here? Probably something along the lines of if only there were a trail, this never would have happened.. I havent tried it, instead I just do a 2nd lap if i feel like I want to go further Albacore Registered Joined Feb 21, 2005 123 Posts You can also subscribe without commenting. If you don't want anything technical then this a good trail for you. If you want peace and quiet though, don't go, or do so mid-week when things are less busy. Dont you get it? About three weeks later, the city installed a temporary barrier. That incident is under investigation and were doing everything we can to make sure that our trails are as safe as we can make them.. Yes I was not happy about that. This route is fun and a nice change from surrounding area trails. The trail is open year-round and is beautiful to visit anytime. Mountain Bike Deals, Copyright 2023 Blue Spruce Ventures LLC | Why those and not this one? There are some sections of street riding (some in in traffic, with cars), but it's mostly dirt. I love this loop a lot, difficult but really fun as well! this waste land that nobody will use is an absurd waste of money.. claimed to use MOST all our trails. Dont assume everyone here is a troll, as I am not. The loop flows clockwise and contains bridal trail and railroad-adjacent sections, true singletrack, a few steep and rutty climbs, lots of "extra credit", fast downhills, scenic vistas and even a shady lakeside section. The only significant housing development that improved FTT in the last 40 years had to be shoved down Staffs throat because they preffered 4-plexes because thats what those people like. Sosa, who knew Correa through his involvement at the East Street Community Renewal Initiative, said his death should prompt a broader town hall-type discussion among cyclists, elected officials and city staff in North County. If this is closed at night why does the plan show light standards for security? Starts with some short but serious climbs. The stabbings motive was unclear. Ask mountain bikers, runners, BMXers if you have any friends. After graduating, she worked as an editor for a couple of weekly newspapers and was a contributing writer for the Orange County Register. These days Id be considered a liberal, but I consider myself to be centrist and am registered no party preference because Im disgusted with both Republicans and Democrats. It was an hour drive from my place but worth it. Open full screen to view more. Youre really just a sanctimonious jackass.. Bet you wouldnt use this one. When I say nice I mean nice things to have so we can USE them. Sample size of one? Theres no reaer view mirror in the government bureaucracy clown car. His death, she pointed out, is not unique. Thread Status: Not open for further replies. Were on day 3 of this binge, will John make it to 4? Still better than riding on the street the whole way. Distance runs? Hogerhuse, please provide a single bit of evidence to support your contention that this would be heavily used. Well see you tomorrow for another episode of John Hogerhuis passes judgement on people he doesnt know because and the Libertarian menace. Proving her point, juvenile. FFFF supports causes that promote intelligent, responsible and accountable government in Fullerton and Orange County. This arguing serves to weaken your position and your original point gets lost in the bickering. Popular spot in the OC where you can change up your ride from easy & relaxed to somewhat challenging. And for those that havent experienced, go check it out (during normal daylight hours). Whats the hold up. And the farther they live from their peons, the more they talk in useless abstractions that make them feel good about themselves. Just ride the loop for the first time with my 12 year old for his first "mountain bike ride". Make your point, let it go. Students in the Prison Arts Collective's Cal State Fullerton chapter used skateboards for their project Santa Margarita jumps ahead of Huntington Beach and JSerra in the Orange County rankings after Federal data shows one-third of U.S. adults have symptoms of depression or anxiety. Trails were muddy, making it a bit challenging but worth it! Maybe you know? Generally considered a moderately challenging route, it takes an average of 2 h 3 min to complete. Except that thats not what he really said and now were not even sure he exists. It was great. Hahahahahahaha! How is that my problem? And I dont agree with ceding ANY space to unhoused people, I believe in housing them. Which makes sense because thats where your head is. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! of the golf course in the upper trail!! Youre surrounded by zealots who want their moneys worth from their very expensive and very incompetent city government.. All other parks in Fullerton close at twilight. The Fullerton Observer explains how the crash happened. The Fullerton Loop in Fullerton, CA is one of the most popular mountain bike trails in all of Orange County. Guide-book quality info for over 8,000 trails View Fullerton Loop Hike on Map Third for not understanding that this grant money isnt available for roads. Some locations are more dangerous than others. So they should clean up Union Pacific park and open it. Unfortunately the app shut down and only recorded the end of my walk.. Nice for trail running just watch out for bikers. I gave similar advice *once*, not multiple occasions, and it is genuine. Why would a trail in the SAME location fare any better than the failed park? No one said anything about no parks at all. A lot of shade from trees. Maybe the FPD can make something out of it. FFFF is not journalism. It was closed because when it was open the junkies hung out there. The Fullerton Loop is a good map of it. Roads? Head out on this 6.2-mile loop trail near Bragg Creek, Alberta. There are a few ring channels left in some of the down slopes, but mostly smooth riding. Instead of looking at a satellite map get off your ass, Do a distance run down there and tell me that a recreation trail goes to the transportation center. the Fullerton Loop for years. Can't say I didn't have fun though. Whats great is that you can exit the trail and hit a major street at anytime if you wish to call it quits early and head back to your car/home. Its an opinion blog with a point of view which sometimes attempts to masquerade as news (and, in fact, *sometimes* does shine light on newsworthy incidents ignored by legit press), and therefore they have no responsibility to adhere to widely accepted journalistic standards. Never heard of the Fullerton Loop? Housing first is a nice concept but in reality does not work for most homeless. Want to report conditions for this trail? While it's not going to win any awards as the next big mountain bike destination, this 11-mile loop right in the center of Fullerton is easily accessible to the residents and makes for a great training ride or a quick loop after work. Have you ever visited any of the trails? Adding lighting and landscaping and a paved trail is only going to make a disaster zone better. Doesnt mean that they actually have gates and guards. You dont understand. The incident happened around 5:52 p.m., on the 3200 block of Yorba Linda Boulevard. Why bother trying to have a conversation with the majority of writers in this blog? Self-righteous, self-important, utterly lacking commonsense and of course, witless. The Fullerton Loop trail has its own Facebook and Yelp pages, its own logo, YouTube videos, is detailed on numerous mountain biking websites. 1,030 ft. AllTrails. Just rode Fullerton Loop in its entirety yesterday after not riding for 15 years because of being overweight.

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