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In our other article, we mentioned how Chiron is all about revisiting old wounds and healing. Gemini Brooke Shields Birth Chart Born On A New Moon, Pink Moon Forecast: Your Full Moon In Libra Horoscope, HOME ABOUT PRESS & MEDIA CONTACT DISCLAIMER PRIVACY POLICY . It's also called locational astrology, relocation astrology and astro-locality. Whether youre born in Tokyo or Boston, the planets in your chart will stay in the same signs. If you also feel like you become a whole new person when you travel to a different geographical location, you might want to look into what your astrocartography chart has to say. If youre wondering how to read your astrocartography chart, heres what you should know: When you input your date, time and location of birth into Astro Diensts astrocartography chart calculator, you will be shown your astrocartography map. var isYTTikTok = 1; New York was where I came of age as an adult for a decade, so of course my whole life is there. jsTikTok.type = 'text/javascript'; As it turns out, she was directly on a Uranus line, which wouldnt be my first choice for relaxing vacation conditions. JUPITER A very beneficial line to live under or travel to. "Jupiter is known as the Greater Benefic, the most positive planet in the sky," Monahan says. Have fun and get ready to discover new things about yourself before you choose your next place to travel to. Its a catch 22 of sorts, you get out of the place then perhaps your luck runs out but you are at the place and never feel the need to improve yourself much because things just seem to workout. Lots of matches, get approached more at bars, and women are friendlier. Make sure you are moving to [or traveling to] a place that complements your chart and encourages expression of what you are looking to do next in your life, Monahan says. Leslie Hale is a professional astrologerofferingpersonal astrology readingsworldwide by phone, WhatsApp, or Zoom. I notice that my weight gain has been quite dramatic too and I cannot even believe it. On the other hand, the North Node concerns itself on your fate. The Year Ahead + Natal Chart Reading Bundle (Save 10%)! North and South NodesWe already tackled this topic in another article. Ever since coming to NYC, I have gained close to about 30 lbs. I formally kicked off my writing career in Los Angeles too, so ding ding on the accuracy of additional expression! Heres a run through of how each planetary line affects you: Did you know your birth chart also changes depending on where you live? Required fields are marked *. Living under Jupiter you can have great success and fun in your life. My boyfriend also still lives in New York, so I suppose hed be flattered for me to call him my North Node of Destiny. You can also have really great lines in a place, and have the Planets well-placed in your Natal Chart, and not like the destination that much in actuality! the same latitude of other line crossings that bring their influence. We can then use these maps to tap into their energy., For example, Monahan shares, places along a Jupiter MC line will be associated with abundance and luck for career, whereas places along a Jupiter IC line will be more focused on expansion in family and home life.. The nights of eating out, drinking, partying, and getting wasted have no doubt caught up with me. Cannot believe I missed this comment! Some of those who have lived on their Jupiter line report that they have mademany new friends and been exposed to different viewpoints that have altogether changed their lives. This line depicts the locations where your feminine side is at its strongest. Mars represents a negative place for women to live because you might need to fight off unwanted men and use your combative skills in this area. While you will always default to your natal chart using the location where you were born for just about any astrological inquiry, you can learn a lot about how you will experience a place based on whats known as the relocated natal chart.. Also, of course, the lived experience will always be different. Each line is associated with aparticular planet whose effects and qualitiesapply to you in that particular locationbased on your birth chart. And you may not have to try very hard with the latter. ", Neptune line: "Neptune is so spiritual, but you can't see things clearly on a Neptune line. MARS : This could be a place that is good for energy, drive, and ambition, but can also be frustrating and lead to triggering anger, inflammation, or burnout in the long run. This is where someone could become prominent in the community, or have more than what they ever dreamed. My Pluto is now in my Ascendent 1st House of Self, while my North Node is still in my 7th House of Partnerships. Astro*Carto*Graphy maps have 40 lines; each line being an angular representation of the eight planets plus the Sun and Moon. Numerous websites on the internet offer free astrocartography maps for those interested, but they can be useless if you dont know what you are looking for. Is my new love language in Los Angeles becoming organized and leaning into the creativity of more solo work? In the same place as above where my Pluto line falls, my husband Sam has his Mars line, and it made him frustrated and angry there! Clarisse Monahan, an astrologer and tarot reader explains that Astrocartography uses the scientific aspects of geography and astronomy showing you which places will have the most significant impact by looking at how the angles in your chart are performing in these new locations. In other words, the intel can provide insight into the best and worst places for you to live and travel, energetically speaking. I am in this quicksand of good luck, perhaps thats the best way to describe living on your Jupiter line, you are in a quicksand of good luck. This provided me with clues as to which metropolis would be a better fit for my overall life. Chances are, you were close to a Sun or Jupiter Line. Tony and Sarah met right before the pandemic but knew their connection was something special, so they dated long-distance for 16 months until they were able to reconnect! You first must know the exact date that you were born, including the time and the location, and then you canuse an Astro map generatorto create your own map. It then generates astrocartography lines that indicate the planetary paths relative to places all over the world, as well as the exact spot where a planet was chilling out when you were born. My Sun sign also shifts from my 4th House of Home to my 10th House of Career, making me that much more avid about climbing the corporate ladder. You may find the urge to continue your education. Plus, get our weekly Astro forecast, Tarot pull, journal prompts, wellness posts, discounts, magical freebies, and more! The takeaway: Astrocartography can help you better understand the energetic influences of different geographic locations and how they specifically apply to you and your life. ", North and south nodes: "These represent your karma and fate. RELATED:Astrology Symbols In Your Birth Chart, Explained. Jupiter brings more of everything and this can include potential lovers, friends, mentors andsignificant others who could help you along your path. I came to NYC a beggar in some ways, not an actual beggar but a broken man. What you will see are many different lines running across the world, each one labeled with a different color and a different planet. In addition to these themes, in astrocartography its essential to consider the sign where the planet lives in your chart because it will flavor your experience. The content produced by YourTango is for informational and educational purposes only. I call it your fame and reputation [line]. On astro.com's AstroClick Travel feature,. Wherever this line is drawn, you will want to find familiar connections and seek a place to go to constantly to feel comfortable. Call it your ego line, if you will! NEPTUNE : While this placement could foster creativity and spirituality, it could also bring with it illusion and confusion. This line presents the regions that can help you find a long-lasting relationship. James Lewis, an astrologer of high repute, introduced this new way of creating birth charts to the world. It wasnt until 17 years later that she realized this spiritual awakening occurred at the strongest point of her Neptune line. Venus lines, of course, represent romantic connections and these are people you will easily attract and can create harmonious relationships with, she says. The Midheaven (MC) line: This is your vocation, calling, sense of purpose, or aspects relating to career. We respect your privacy and will only send you good vibes. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Is location really that important? "https:" : "http:") + '//www.tiktok.com/embed.js'; I immigrated to the States when I was three, so I dont necessarily feel at home in China as a third culture kid. Mars can be perfect if you are someone who thrives in a fast moving, busy energy.. Saturn can be great for completing a body of work, or undertaking a serious study, Monahan says. It may even give your love life or finances a boost. Vibrationally, the energy lessons the farther you move away from the planetary line. By using these links you are directly supporting our ability to share our mystical musings, thank you! My Pluto (which rules transformation and rebirth) shifts from my 6th House of Health and Productivity into my 3rd House of Communication and Expression. For example, a high-energy, social place may have been great for you during your young, single days, but as you get ready to start a family, maybe youre craving a slower, more supportive energy. Considering the situation of the world right now, traveling is near impossible and ill-advised. A Sun AC line can show us places where we can really peel back the layers to a more authentic self, a Venus AC line can bring a sense of beauty to our identity, for example. The benefits of an Astrocartography line do not have to be lived on long term to be experienced. Jupiter is the planet of luck, so living along this line might make life feel relatively easy. My Sun in Leo also moves from my 4th House of Home and Family to my 11th House of Community, expanding my social circle and urging me to meet mew people. Like any other tradition within the realm of astrology, its realness depends on the accuracy and the involvement of celestial bodies. Thats one thing off the memorization list! Functional cookies help to perform certain functionalities like sharing the content of the website on social media platforms, collect feedbacks, and other third-party features. Let's say that you've got your Astrocartography map and you find out that you're living on a tricky line, like Saturn or Neptune. As with all forms of astrology, Monahan adds that Astrocartography is simply another tool we can use to help us on our life-long journey of self-discovery. "You can call in the energies from the cosmos wherever you are. The difference between a baby born in Tokyo and a baby born in Boston at the exact same minute of the same day is the sign on the horizon the rising sign! The Imum Coeli (IC) line: This is the bottom of your Chart, the nadir, and represents your sense of home, where you belong, family, roots, and ancestry. Its trueI do feel like a little minx in New York with him in the citys bright lights, but while Im in LA solo, my mind tends to center on our future together. Ive been on dates with about 50 different women here, from what I remember at least. Think of it as the places where you can be emo, and no one will judge you! This line presents the spots where you can experience a surge of abundance, especially on the material side. A Moon IC line can be extremely soothing and naturally comforting, a place of belonging. Uranus represents energy but also nerves. I used to be able to see my abs and look good, now I am just chubby here in the city which has caught up with me. An astrocartography map contains markings similar to the coordinates, longitude, and latitude lines you'd see on a regular map, all of which denote specific planets, energies, and opportunities. Thank you, this is so cool. Thank you! The JupiterAscendant Line The JupiterDescendant Line The JupiterImum CoeliLine The JupiterMidheaven Line, Celebrities With Venus Conjunct The Moon In Astrology. However, if you work hard under pressure and see the importance of resolving situations and evolving then this is the best spot. Astrocarto- wha? Coming into contact with Import / Export, Travel Related Matters, BroadcastingandPublishing. A place in Croatia where my Chiron line fell being very healing for me when we lived there, and my birth place (London) have no lines crossing it and me feeling no affinity for the UK! Astrocartography: Life on the Jupiter line. Yet, all the potential these varying places hold for your identity should yield in generating excitement. You may find you connect easily with people, young and old, rich and poor, foreign and domestic. Monahan says many often will naturally sync with people who are from their power lines. we respect your privacy and only send good vibes. So, if you, say, studied abroad in Melbourne, Australia, and felt a new rush of confidence there, it could be because that city lies on your sun line. But in that year, an astrologer named Jim Lewis streamlined a method to chart out people's personal hot spots more quickly and easily, so more could use the intel, and he trademarked it "Astrocartography." 4 Mistakes That Are Causing You to Waste Money on Skin-Care Serums, According to an Esthetician, These Are the Best Anti-Chafing Denim ShortsAccording to Some Very Happy Reviewers. Now that Im here, Im convincedand so are my friendsthat the person I am while chilling on the west coast is completely different from the intense and determined girl-boss persona that I embody whenever Im back in New York. If you want to experience a massive boost of self-confidence and generally live your best life, head to one of these spots. Jupiter: The largest planet in the solar system is linked to expansion and fortune, so it's considered one of the luckiest spots. The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Analytics". However, it also determines the remaining twelve houses of the chart. Now, my Pluto moves to my 3rd House of Communication, while my North Node is also in my 3rd House. Pioneered byastrologer Jim Lewisin the early 1970s, astrocartography isthetheory that different places in the world have certain energies that influence you based on your unique astrological makeup. This line graphs the places where you can experience a considerable boost in your self-confidence and reputation. "Any time we're thinking of relocating, traveling, holding a retreat, or having a wedding, its good to know what energies the destination holds for us," she says. Like a regular birth chart, an astrocartography map uses the data on the exact date, time, and location coordinates of your birth. View all posts by The Millennial. Neptune represents zen, calmness, and a happy place. If youre planning a vacation and want a light-hearted fun vibe instead, you can look to a location where the Sun or Jupiter aspect your AC line. Astro Map, AstroCartography - Free Relocation Chart online calculator Date of Birth Time (local time) h min Birth city: ( Enter coordinates manually ) Planets: ASC & MC Aspect: Paran lines: (? ) What the Final Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on May 5 Exposes For Your Sign, May 2023 Horoscopes and Astrology: A Chance for Rest, Then Time to Change, Daily Horoscopes for Sunday April 30, 2023, Daily Horoscopes for Saturday April 29, 2023. Heres how to read your own astrocartography chart: An Astrocartography chart is created by mapping out your own personal planetary lines from your Natal Chart on to the globe. This just means that the energies of both are amplified in the places where they meet, says Dubinet. An Aries Sun line will have a very different vibe from a Virgo Sun lineone will emphasize ones love of action, adventure, and taking the initiative, while the other might bring light to a desire to be of service or develop skills in helping others. It can be tough yet thrilling imagining all the many different versions of yourself you can become, all by simply visiting a new location. Those include The Ascendant, The IC (Imuni Coeli), The Descendant, and The MC (Medi-Coeli/midheaven). You can also use it to find out why you might have experienced a miserable or unlucky time in a place where you traveled to in the past or previously lived. Neptune places can bring confusion as well as creativity; Pluto places can catalyse transformation in intense and powerful ways; Chiron may be healing but tender; and the Nodal places can feel fated. The best that you can do is channel the spirit of the place that your astrocartography map is telling you is your best place. I feel like I am doing less and not even being my best self but somehow and someway, life has always worked out in my favor. Based on your natal chart in astrology, there is a map that corresponds to where the different planets were at different points on the map at the specific time you were born. Design: Sasha Purdy / StyleCaster. Whats more, it can help you attain that career boost you have been waiting for forever! The Beach Is My Happy Placeand Here Are 3 Science-Backed Reasons It Should Be Yours, Too. PLUTO : This is a place of profound tests and transformations, it may bring cataclysmic or catalytic growth and rebirths (but not without a power struggle or two)! Jupiter represents prosperity, success, and fun. I find that the dating success I have had in NYC has gone up by a lot. ("Lines" are latitude lines that correspond with the major celestial bodies, and they're different for everyone depending on that person's natal astrology chart.) Join our 5000+ community for a weekly Astro forecast, Tarot pull, and 10% off your first purchase! Unfortunately, I brought a lot of baggage with me to this amazing city and despite all that, so much worked out in my favor. To access your own custom Astrocartography chart and interpretation, book in an Astrocartography Reading with me! It has to do with mothering yourself and others. ", Chiron line: "[The asteroid] Chiron is the magical healer. This could be one of the best places to meet people who could have a fortunate impact on your life. People from Jupiter lines tend to offer wisdom and knowledge and usually show up as teachers or mentors in life. Pro tip: If youre feeling stuck in your dating life, Monahan encourages experimenting with setting up new locations on dating apps to shake things up. It represents generosity, fortune and success, big thinking and achievement. There are many free Astrocartography tools to help get started, but ultimately, your map must be tailored for your unique astrological self. If youre not familiar with the term, thats quite alright well go over that. However, full disclosure: I also lived in Paris and enjoyed my time there but have no lines anywhere near it, so thats not to say you HAVE to have a line somewhere to appreciate it, its just that those that do may be more influential for you. Furthermore, Monahan says you can also harness the power of your Astrocartography lines by connecting with the energy of the lines themselves. The folks you meet here tend make a deep impression on you that will last long after you leave. For example, if your Venus Midheaven line falls near Paris, you may love living here and always find it beneficial for your career or sense of purpose (with a strong Venus natally). Responsibilities abound, and they seem to have no end!

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